Indoor & Outdoor Controllers

Irritrol and Hunter irrigation controllers are designed to meet a wide variety of watering needs, are easy to set-up, and provide independent programs that allow for different start times and added watering flexibility. We install:

  • Irritrol: Total Control-R Series

    • 6 - 48 zones​

  • Hunter: Pro-C Series

    • 4 - 13 zones​

  • Hunter : I-Core Series

    • 6 - 42 zones​

WiFi Smart Controllers

A new generation of controllers that allow you to manage your sprinkler system with your smart phone! We install:

  • Skydrop

  • Rachio

  • Rainmachine

Rainmachine Logo.png

Rain Sensors

Rain sensors automate your sprinkler system and shut it off when there is sufficient rainfall. They can be installed with most controllers. We install:

  • Rain Bird - RSD Series

  • Hunter - Mini-Click